Abound 2020: Virtual Summit on Burnout
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Burnout is about your workplace, not just your people.

Abound 2020 is gathering some of the best minds in work experience design to alleviate burnout.

Join us for a free, virtual event later this spring.

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Burnout Costs Everyone

Burnout and mental health challenges have historically been treated as only an individual's problems. They're not.

More than 75% of employees have experienced burnout at their current jobs — leading to decreased productivity, retention, and creativity at work — and that number is only increasing in recent months.

Abound 2020 will begin the shift towards more joyful, creative, and impactful work by incorporating your critical perspective on what businesses and the people working at them can do to alleviate burnout.

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Expert Speakers

We'll soon announce the line up of lightning talk speakers with backgrounds in workplace mental health, productivity and flow, the future of work, and company culture.

Engaging Formats

This isn't your average webinar. Instead of long lectures, we'll have lightning talks, breakouts, and interviews. And all this will inform this summer's virtual mega-sprint to end burnout.


Every participant will receive a robust guide with tools, ideas, and resources on burnout built throughout the conversation. Let's all go back to work with clear next steps.

Diving deep into burnout, we'll help you answer:

  • How can I tell if my team is on the verge of burnout?
  • How much is burnout costing me and my company?
  • How has the experience of burnout changed amidst the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • What distinguishes burnout from simply good, hard work?
  • What are 5 solutions I can implement to alleviate burnout in my organization today?

Coming Late Spring 2020

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Have some questions?

A typical sprint is a series of short-burst, time-bound group exercises designed to help a small team first diverge (generate lots of ideas) and then converge (narrow and prioritize those ideas through rapid decision-making) to ultimately align on a few specific solutions to an identified challenge.*

A mega-sprint is that, but giant! We'll facilitate a similar process with numerous groups simultaneously all to tackle a single challenge–in this case, burnout. 

*Have we piqued your curiosity? Learn more.

Abound means "to be plentiful." It's borrowed from the Latin abundāre, which means "to overflow, be full, be plentifully supplied." 

Burnout drains you of your energy and your inspiration, and we believe everyone deserves the opposite: to live a life of abundance – a life abounding with creativity and joy.


While there's a lot that we're already sure about, we're excited to design elements of this event based on who demonstrates interest, so we don't yet have all the details nailed down. We're compiling this waitlist to know who to keep informed as this event takes shape.

Logistically, here's what we do know:

  • It will be free!
  • It will be virtual (technology TBD)
  • It will be fewer than 4 hours

We're still working through the exact date, schedule, and final speaker list so sign up to stay in the loop!


Absolutely! We want to know who you'd like to hear from, so please fill out the form below with the appropriate details so we can reach out. And yes, you can nominate yourself as well.

Terrific! We are thrilled to find others like us. Let's figure out how we can collaborate. Email us at abound@sprintwell.com to get started.

Secure Your Spot in the Mega-Sprint

We will host a virtual mega-sprint this summer to collaborate on how to tackle burnout within specific industries. By attending our initial event this spring, you will be given priority access to participate in the virtual mega-sprint this summer.


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